Published On: Tue, Apr 17th, 2018

Scott Pruitt Under Fire For Illegal $43,000 Phone Booth In Office

Environmental Protection Agency administrator, Scott Pruitt, and his office violated the law by installing a soundproof phone booth in his office — to the tune of $ 43,000.

Government Accountability Office, a congressional watchdog, ruled the costly phone booth illegal, according to the New York Times. The reason the agency ruled the installation illegal? The cost amounted to more than $ 5,000, and therefore must be reported to Congress. Before spending more than $ 5,000 on office equipment, the agency must alert Congress.

Ultimately, the installation violated two laws — the Antideficiency Act, which should prevent unbudgeted spending, as well as the Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act, which places the $ 5,000 limit on political appointees spending on any one office item. So far, the G.A.O. hasn’t commented on whether the booth is necessary or not.

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Scott Pruitt Under Fire For Illegal $43,000 Phone Booth In Office